We Sharpen Dental Tools

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Ron Zeunen, Owner

  • We remove the minimal amount of metal required to restore a clean, sharp edge, ensuring that your blades will cut properly and last for as many sharpening as possible before replacement.
  • The blades are disassembled, inspected, sharpened, de-magnetized, washed, oiled, adjusted, reassembled and tested. We reset the socket to eliminate blade rattle and adjust the spring tension properly so that the blades cut effortlessly without excessive heat build-up.
  • We will replace missing screws at no charge.
“The Clipper Guy” Now Sharpens Dental Tools”
  • Sharpening your dental tools is an essential part of your practice yet it is rarely done on a consistent basis.
  • Dull instruments are inefficient and difficult to use.
  • They can cause longer visits because it can take longer to remove calculus.
  • Instrument becomes increasingly difficult to use.
  • Some calculus may be missed because the instrument is too dull to detect it.
  • Improper cleaning leaves organic material on the blade and will cause corrosion.

Shipping: Information: Pricing and Mailing Instructions (pdf may be printed)

1. Wrap each item  blade set individually.
2. Print clearly name,  address, email.
3. Send payment with order or we can call for credit card information.
4. Print Order  Form and send  in with blades